This Couple Adopted a Baby Boy 5 Years Ago — Now They’re Saving His Newborn Sister

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Love is not a limited resource, and some people seem to have it in spades. One example is a couple from Utah who adopted a baby boy five years ago and now have adopted his baby sister — all after their birth mom’s request to keep her children together!

Joseph and Shanna Weight got a call they didn’t expect in January from their adopted son’s birth mom. She told them she was pregnant again and would love the couple to take that child as well, to add to their family, which included Milo, who was 5, and another brother, Nash, 2.

Milo’s story

“Milo, he was kind of the perfect first child,” Shanna Weight told Good Morning America. “He was our entire world. I can’t explain what he’s done for our lives. Nash’s exuberance and fun keeps on our toes. Onni has a sweet calmness to her. She’s just pleasant and happy, but particular. She makes sure you get it right.”

Milo’s birth mom was just 18 years old when he was born. “She was a young mom and she had grown up with a lot of siblings from a lot of different fathers,” Joseph recalled. “She never knew her dad so she wanted her child to have something better than what she had.”

“We send letters and pictures every couple of months and she has written us back,” Shanna said. “We do have good relationship with her and just think the world of her that she was able to be so selfless and just allow us to be parents.”

Unexpected growth

It was two years after Milo entered their family that the couple had their first biological child, Nash. They didn’t know at that point that their family was going to continue to grow!

“They contacted us and said, ‘Milo is going to be a big brother’ and asked if we would consider adopting his sister,’” Joseph said. “At the time I was like, ‘That’s a big one.’”

The couple loves their newly expanded family, but it was an overwhelming undertaking at first. “My first thought was, ‘There’s no way we can do this. We’re not ready,’” Shanna shared. “After the initial shock wore off I thought, ‘It would be so nice to have them raised together.’”

In the end, it was Milo who made the call

“I [told Milo], ‘Your birth mom is pregnant’ and he started jumping up and down,” Joseph said. “He pointed his finger right in my face and said, ‘We’re bringing home that baby.’”

The newest member of the Weight family is now Onni, a beautiful three-month-old. The boys are adjusting well to their new sister and their parents couldn’t be happier.

“I felt very grateful that she would give us the opportunity to also parent one of [Milo’s] siblings,” Shanna Weight said. “I think how courageous [their birth mom] was to recognize that they needed something more than she could give them. She was very selfless in what she did.”

“I’m thankful every single day that she chose us and felt like we’d be good parents.”

We can all learn from the selfless maturity of the Weights, as well as Milo and Onni’s birth mother’s courage to know someone else would be the best parent for her children.

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