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AppSumo has some free videos of Derek Sivers talking about starting, running and selling CD Baby. Derek wrote the book Anything You Want which I highly recommend–except the cover, I hate the cover. The free deal only goes for the next 60 hours or so.  You have to sign up for an AppSumo account, but it relatively painless and doesn’t require a credit card because the cost is $0.

If you are interested in starting a business or helping run a business, I’d highly recommend getting this.  You can download the MP3, video or PDF of the talk. I haven’t listened to all the videos yet, but I wanted to let readers know about it while there was still time to get it. If it is anything like the book it should be brilliant.

And once again, I can’t recommend the book (sans the cover) enough. I bought a bunch of copies yesterday to send to friends and business associates.

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